Our Story

With its world class universities, high-tech corridors and financial support for emerging sectors in the global economy, Michigan remains a prime location for business expansion.  Given the highly competitive environment to attract and retain companies and skilled workers, Michigan signaled its intent to remain an economic powerhouse by simplifying its tax structure, addressing the high cost of health care and creating funds to invest in and support start-up companies.

Midwest Strategy Group, with its strong legislative ties and unique understanding of Michigan, can assist clients in navigating through the State's multi-faceted structure of government.  Our experience, expertise, and sense of strategic direction ensures that every client will see positive results.

Midwest Strategy Group lobbyists are drawn from the top ranks of government and the political process.  Our team hails from diverse political backgrounds, having worked for both Democrats and Republicans, giving Midwest Strategy Group an outstanding reputation of effectiveness on both sides of the aisle.  Collectively, our lobbyists have over ninety years of experience.

Our advocacy is grounded in a culture that emphasizes vigorous and passionate persuasion.  We have the natural temperament and professional training to be aggressive and effective advocates.  To maximize our impact, we make the connection between the merits of each client’s argument and the policy direction of the decision maker.  Midwest Strategy Group thinks strategically and can help formulate a plan that meets short-term needs, while positioning each organization to achieve its long-term goals.

Our Team


Nicole G. Nystrom

President and Manager/CEO

Known for her strong business sense, legislative strategy development, and regulatory and lobbying successes, Nicole G. Nystrom is the founder of Midwest Strategy Group.  She previously served as Director of the Government Policy Department for Dykema Gossett PLLC. In this position, Nicole lobbied before the Michigan Legislature, regulatory agencies, and the Executive Office specializing in issues involving appropriations, business development and procurement, economic development, energy, financial services, gaming, health policy, regulation, and taxation. Read more...


Dusty Fancher


Prior to joining Midwest Strategy Group, Dusty Fancher served in the Governor’s Office as the Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs. In this position, Dusty served as the Governor’s representative to the Michigan Senate, coordinated legislative policy positions for 19 state departments, and negotiated legislation and policy with local governments, interest groups, lobbyists, and elected officials. Read more...

Ryan Wardin

Partner/PAC Specialist

Ryan Wardin is respected for his expertise in energy, education, worker’s compensation, procurement, PAC strategy, and election and campaign finance law. He administers PACs for Midwest Strategy Group clients and legislators, filing all necessary paperwork to ensure compliance with State and Federal Campaign Finance laws.

Before joining Midwest Strategy Group, Ryan served as a Legislative Director in the Michigan House of Representatives. In that capacity, he assisted with drafting legislation, preparing testimony, and testifying before House and Senate committees. Read more...


Chris Fisher


Having successfully lobbied local, state, and federal governments, Chris Fisher has generated positive results and deep rooted relationships. His focus areas include economic development, labor law, construction management, and tax reform. Before joining Midwest Strategy Group, Chris worked for prominent trade groups representing business interests  before the Michigan Legislature and U.S. Congress.

As the youngest CEO in the history of Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, Chris earned a reputation as one of Lansing’s most effective lobbyists by the MIRS News Survey. Read more...

krombeen website pic.png

Mike Krombeen


Mike Krombeen’s understanding of policy and politics has allowed him to excel in various government related roles.  He is respected for his work on issues ranging from appropriations, gaming, healthcare, economic development, education, and natural resources.

Prior to joining Midwest Strategy Group, Mike served as Legislative Director in the Michigan House of Representatives.  Read more...


Josh Robertson

Government Relations/PAC Manager

Josh Robertson has an in-depth knowledge of financial services and information technology as well as issues related to contract procurement, nonprofit advocacy and national legislative and regulatory policy tracking. In addition, Josh administers PAC reporting for clients and legislators, managing and filing all necessary paperwork to ensure compliance with State Campaign Finance Laws. Read more...

comp website pic.png

Mike Compagnoni

Government Relations

Mike Compagnoni is known for his expertise in state and local contract procurement as well as issues related to business development, transportation, information technology, local government, workers’ compensation, insurance, and the auto industry. He is also widely respected for his skills in political fundraising and campaign management.

Before joining Midwest Strategy Group, Mike served as a Legislative Director in the Michigan House of Representatives, managing the passage of legislation, drafting policy initiatives, and testifying in committees. Read more...

Mike Malane

Government Relations

Mike Malane is known for his expertise in the areas of appropriations, energy, education, health policy, and local government. Prior to joining Midwest Strategy Group, Mike served as Chief of Staff in the Michigan Senate.

Known for his political acumen and organizational skills, Mike has managed and assisted several campaigns for public office. From database management to fundraising, he has shown an ability to assemble winning coalitions and strategically build successful campaigns in multiple levels of government. Read more...

DH darker circle.png

Dave Hodgkins

Government Relations

Widely respected for his expertise in the realms of health policy, appropriations, local government, and judiciary, Dave Hodgkins is also known for his experience in issue-campaign oversight, coalition building, and public speaking.

Dave Hodgkins began his career serving in the Michigan House of Representatives where he worked as a Constituent Relations Director and Legislative Aide for two state representatives Read more...


Anne Marion

Office Manager/Lobby Law Compliance

Anne Marion is Midwest Strategy Group’s Lobby Law Compliance Officer and Office Manager. In this position, she maintains records and files Financial Reports for over 100 lobbyists and lobbyist agents associated with Midwest Strategy Group.  She is also responsible for accounts receivable, expense reporting, and event planning.  Anne handles all day-to-day critical office functions. Read more...


Katie Fuller

Government Relations

Katie Fuller focuses on legislative tracking and policy research for Midwest Strategy Group. In this role, Katie attends committee hearings and researches, analyzes, and monitors various pieces of legislation of interest to our clients. She is responsible for planning and executing client legislative advocacy days and organizing special events and conferences both in Lansing and around the State.



Grace Krueger

Administrative Assistant/Scheduler

Gracie Krueger’s responsibilities include facilitating connections between Midwest Strategy Group lobbyists and legislative offices, the Governor’s staff, and department officials.  She plans legislative days and advocacy events for Midwest Strategy Group clients. In addition, Grace provides office management support and handles special projects on behalf of the firm.