MWSG lobbyists are chosen because of their background and relationships, each possessing the needed skill set to be successful.
Working in the private sector, State Departments, the Legislature, and the Executive Office all provide unique learning experiences that are necessary for a complete understanding of what is needed to influence favorable outcomes. We have served in roles on both sides of the proverbial table, having worked first-hand for prominent legislators who influence the process. We have been the decision makers, and influenced the decision makers.



CGI Group

CGI secured a competitively bid contract to provide the State a solution to meet federally required Medicaid Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Eligibility Determination Service.  We were successful in working with our client through the state procurement process, ultimately obtaining a $12.5 million contract.
Midwest Strategy Group assisted CGI in securing a contract with a total value
exceeding $150 million to replace the State’s legacy enterprise resource planning system.  This monumental IT project was awarded on best value and will ensure CGI’s relationship with the State for the foreseeable future.

Midwest Strategy Group has a depth of knowledge and an understanding of government operations that sets them apart from others. They bring fresh, thoughtful and constructive insights directly related to a particular issue, and we have forged a truly collaborative partnership. Most critically, they are responsive – when we need them, they are always ready to help.
— Vice President, Government Relations, CGI

Connections Education

Connections Education wanted to expand school choice in Michigan to provide students with a free, high quality, online education. We successfully lobbied to pass landmark legislation that opened the door to virtual schooling in Michigan.

Midwest Strategy Group continued to press the legislature to expand the scope of online learning, including opportunities for dual enrollment and blended learning, to provide more opportunities for students and parents. The Governor signed additional bills into law cementing his mantra that learning should occur at ‘any time, any place, any way, any pace.’ 

Connections Education now has five schools in Michigan servicing students with a variety of online opportunities.

Since hiring Midwest Strategy Group to represent us in 2010, we have appreciated their professionalism, subject matter expertise, broad network among legislators, policymakers, executive office, and legal and public affairs professionals, and their dogged determination to seek the results we need. Well-respected in so many circles, Midwest Strategy Group has been the perfect partner in helping our organization to navigate complex education policy issues, work alongside a diverse group of stakeholders, and realize outcomes that are positive for our company, the schools we support, and the families we serve. They are the ideal combination of intelligence, resourcefulness, strategic thinking, and work ethic that makes us so pleased to work with them. We are thankful for their outstanding work on our behalf.
— Vice President, Business Development, Connections Academy

Michigan Association of Health Plans

Health care is a rapidly changing industry which requires constant monitoring. We navigate the appropriations process to assure that Medicaid Managed Care Organizations remain appropriately funded.  

Midwest Strategy Group has consistently secured increases in the state budget to keep pace with the rising cost of providing health care to Michigan’s Medicaid beneficiaries and the increased taxes resulting from the Affordable Care Act- over $176 million of new funding in Fiscal Year 2015 alone. We also use the budget process to drive public policy by securing funding for best practices and innovative initiatives.

MAHP has been very fortunate to be one of Midwest Strategy Group’s clients for several years. The issues facing health insurance and the managed care industry remain multi—faceted between appropriations, regulations and enabling legislation. This requires that we engage consulting services, such as Midwest Strategy Group, who know the right buttons to push and the right time for action. This has proven to be a successful recipe for our efforts in the past—was successful this year and I look forward to maintaining our partnership over the coming years and view Nicole and her group as essential to our future success. I would heartily recommend Midwest Strategy Group to other organizations.
— Executive Director, Michigan Association of Health Plans

MasterCard Worldwide

In an overwhelmingly successful effort to combine the legislative, appropriations, and procurement processes, Midwest Strategy Group took the lead in passing critical legislation allowing the State of Michigan to accept card payments for income tax purposes.  We secured appropriations dollars to develop the necessary infrastructure that enabled the Department of Treasury to implement an individual income tax e-payment channel for the State of Michigan.  Midwest Strategy Group also delivered MasterCard International a Secretary of State contract allowing all branch locations, as well as online, to accept MasterCard as a method of payment.

We have since continued to open the doors for electronic payments in various departments, making Michigan a more convenient and flexible place to conduct business.

Midwest Strategy Group has proven to be a trusted and valuable partner by successfully advancing our public policy objectives. The team at MWSG shares an uncommon commitment to providing the highest-quality representation with all levels of state government. They understand our business goals and possess the experience, credibility and determination to skillfully navigate the political and policy landscapes. By meticulously crafting and executing sophisticated advocacy strategies, they consistently deliver winning solutions.
— Vice President, Government Affairs MasterCard Worldwide