Government Relations

Midwest Strategy Group is a full-service lobbying firm which creates a multifaceted strategy for each of our clients, employing several different approaches to yield results. Once we establish our clients’ priorities, we use our experience, resources, and all available avenues to achieve results.  Our services include:

  • Legislative, appropriations, regulatory, and executive lobbying
  • Committee hearings and testimony preparation
  • Legislative monitoring and analysis
  • Bill and administrative rule drafting
  • Coalition building and management
  • Board meetings, conferences, workgroups, and presentations

Business Development

Our clients’ interests with the State frequently extend beyond monitoring and shaping legislation into potential business opportunities. We understand the importance of economic growth and constantly search state resources for potential client opportunities. We use our ever-expanding network of business relationships to create strategic partnerships for our clients that foster economic gains. Our efforts include:

  • Securing state appropriated funds
  • Navigating through bureaucratic red tape
  • Assisting with economic development incentives 
  • Seeking procurement opportunities
  • Finding synergies between business partners in order to open doors

Trade Association Management

Midwest Strategy Group also offers association management services to assist in promoting continuity on issues within an industry. Some of the services offered by our team include:

  • Forming a mission statement and position papers
  • Creating a budget, maintaining accounting records, and performing monthly banking reconciliations
  • Initiating grassroots advocacy 
  • Maintaining membership lists and fielding member inquiries
  • Providing regular updates to board of directors
  • Writing and circulating regular newsletters to association members
  • Monitoring and updating association website

Event Planning

Whether for fundraising, issue advocacy, or celebration, Midwest Strategy Group will facilitate events for our clients using our connections within the Lansing community, or around the state, to plan a unique and successful experience.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

An active Political Action Committee is a key component to a successful legislative strategy. For clients interested in forming a PAC or enhancing their existing program, we will assist in:

  • Preparing all necessary legal and financial documents
  • Administering the PAC 
  • Raising funds and preparing a recommended budget

Lobby Law Compliance

In addition to fair and ethical business practices, Midwest Strategy Group handles all lobby regiatrstion and biannual reporting to guarantee compliance with Michigan law.